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Excursion Destinations

Sights in the Bavarian Forest

Mountains in the Bavarian Forest – The Großer ARBER and its many neighbours:

The Großer Arber, with its 1,456 m elevation, is the highest mountain in the Bavarian-Bohemian Massif, therefore known also as the “King of the Bavarian Forest.” The Großer Arber and the woodlands extending to Bayerisch Eisenstein are owned by the Hohenzollern dynasty.

In the Bavarian Forest, the oldest mountain range in central Europe, more than 60 peaks exceed the 1,000-metre mark. You can visit them all on unhurried day trips.

In the recreational area of the Bavarian Forest National Park, hilly areas of 400 to 1,453 metres invite you to hiking and recreational activities. Rachel (1453 m), Lusen (1373 m), Almberg (1139 m) and Dreisesselberg mit Hochstein (1364 m) are the most familiar peaks of the mountains along the border.

The Brotjacklriegel (1016 m) mountain forms the western border of the national park’s recreational land and constitutes the core of the sun-drenched forest. From our landmark mountain, the Haidel (1167 m), which is now crowned with a new observation tower, your view extends far over the countryside into the Bavarian and Bohemian landscapes.

Even below the 1000-metre mark there are numerous mountain paths with diverse characteristics which lead through incomparably beautiful landscapes to fantastic lookout points or to fascinating destinations.


Excursions & Sights

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We recommend the following destinations:

  • Großer Arber area
  • The Freyung Hunting and Fishing Museum
  • The Weinfurtner Glass Factory in Freyung
  • The Jandelsbrunn Motorcycle Museum
  • The Sitter Brewery Museum in Riedelsbach
  • Golf courses in Poppenreut,Grafenau,Rassbach
  • Summer toboggan run in Grafenau
  • The Homeland Museum in Waldkirchen
  • Haidel observation tower
  • Zip line park in Schönberg
  • Ice sports arena in Waldkirchen
  • Boat trip on the Danube in Passau
  • Graphite mine in Kropfmühl
  • The Granit Museum in Hauzenberg
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