Hotel Bayerischer Wald - Wellnessurlaub in Bayern im Hotel mit Restaurant und Wellness

Hotel Hüttenhof

Fantastic panoramas situated high over the Grainet Basin

Until you’ve seen the Bavarian Forest, you’ve never seen beauty at its finest. Your first choice – for nature and pampering – Hotel Hüttenhof in Grainet near the three corners region in the Bavarian Forest.

Do yo want to leave the daily grind behind and finally allow your spirits to flow freely? Are you longing for a relaxing wellness vacation or a spontaneous short holiday?
Then come to our hiking and wellness hotel, wich is directly situated at the edge of the Bavarian Forest National Park! We know the importance of recuperation, activity and health and are happy to accommodate your every need.

Had the “Hüttenhof” existed in medieval times where it is so picturesquely located today, then the sumpters and their animals would have certainly made a stopover at the Hobelsberg for refreshments. For Grainet was located directly on the Golden Trace and was an important staging point along those trails where “White Gold” was transported. Today, this solitary stretch of countryside in north-eastern Bavaria, extending to the Bohemian and Upper Austrian borders, is no longer a “land without wine and nightingales,” but rather a retreat for anyone seeking rural seclusion and also a certain measure of luxury.

Urlaub Bayerischer Wald am Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald


Family vacations in Bavaria
  • 1898 Built by Sepp and Anna Paster as a home for farm labourers.
  • 1936 Alfons and Centa Paster take over and manage their parents‘ farm and home for labourers.
  • 1960 Labourers home passed down to son Reinhold. He and his wife Elizabeth build an inn there.
  • 1964 Upgrading of the original guest rooms.
  • 1970 The long-standing barn is torn down and replaced by a new structure with tea room and additional guest rooms.
  • 1974 Two completely automated bowling alleys are added.
  • 1986 General upgrading of the guest rooms with furnishings and shower/toilet facilities.
  • 1989 Passed down to son Helmut and his wife Elizabeth.
  • 1991 Construction of an additional wing with restaurant and guest rooms.
  • 1992 Renovation of the entire building with added staircase.
  • 1994 4 vacation houses with two apartments each are built directly next to us. As an associate hotel, we take over their leasing and management.
  • 1996 An 18-hole mini golf course is constructed.
  • 1997 A modern indoor swimming pool is added on.
  • 2000 Installation of a woodchip-burning heating system.
  • 2003 Ground-breaking for an additional annexe with wellness area, breakfast room, guest rooms and kitchen.
  • 2007 Licenced forever-young hotel company 2008 New furniture in the guest rooms.
  • 2010 The “Hüttenhof Mountain Village” is established.
  • 2011 Complete renovation of 8 guest rooms and remodelling of the entranceway, reception desk and restaurant area.
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